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Perspecta 45: Agency

Perspecta 45: Agency

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Publication Date: August 17th, 2012
The MIT Press
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A handbook of best practices, strategies, and speculation for architecture's future.

Architecture has always been intimately intertwined with its social, political, and economic contexts; major events in world history have had correspondingly dramatic effects on the discipline. The Great Depression, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Hurricane Katrina, for example, were all catalysts for architectural response and resulted in a diversification of the architect's portfolio. Yet far too often, architects simply react to changes in the world, rather than serving as agents of change themselves.

This issue of Perspecta—the oldest and most distinguished student-edited architectural journal in America—takes a broader view, using the concept of agency to explore the future of architecture. The retreat from liability, the barricade of theory, and the silos of specialization have generated a field that is risk-averse and reactive, rather than bold and active. Instead of assuming that architects can only throw up their hands in despair, the editors of this issue of Perspecta invite them to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

In Perspecta 45, prominent architects, scholars, and artists investigate how architects can become agents for change within their own discipline and in the world at large.

About the Author

Kurt Evans is a graduate of the Yale School of Architecture.

Iben Falconer is a graduate of the Yale School of Architecture.

Ian Mills is a graduate of the Yale School of Architecture.