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Deep Water: From the Frilled Shark to the Dumbo Octopus and from the Continental Shelf to the Mariana Trench

Deep Water: From the Frilled Shark to the Dumbo Octopus and from the Continental Shelf to the Mariana Trench

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Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
University of Chicago Press
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From celebrated science writer Riley Black, a beautifully illustrated, compelling deep dive into the life story of the abyss, its ancient creatures, and the scientists and submersibles that have documented them.
What lies beneath the surface of the ocean has mystified humankind for millennia. Today, we have explored more of the surface of the Moon than we have the deep sea. What thrives in these mysterious depths, how did these life-forms evolve from ancient life, and how has this environment changed over time as our planet has developed?

Introducing us to the ancient, complex, and fascinating life-forms that have evolved into the marine life we recognize today—from stromatolites, structures created by some of the earliest life billions of years ago and still found today, to yeti crabs, bioluminescent firefly squid, and giant jellyfish—Deep Water is an eye-opening journey into the world far beneath the waves. Our guide, brilliant science communicator and self-described “fossil fanatic” Riley Black, has studied marine biology and paleontology, and she brings her vast knowledge and inimitable voice to our voyage. Through text and image, Black leads us further and further into the depths to reveal how this unique and largely unexplored habitat came into being, what lives there and why, how it has evolved, and what the future will bring in this dark and mysterious environment.

About the Author

Riley Black is the author of numerous books, including Skeleton Keys, My Beloved Brontosaurus, and, most recently, The Last Days of the Dinosaurs. She has also written about prehistory for publications from National Geographic to Nature and is the resident paleontologist for the Jurassic World franchise. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Praise for Deep Water: From the Frilled Shark to the Dumbo Octopus and from the Continental Shelf to the Mariana Trench

"Because of the rapid rise in ocean levels and the constant threats from climate change, the deep, unexplored parts of the ocean are hot subjects right now. So much of the ocean is still unexplored. Black takes a look at many of the fascinating creatures living there, both now and millions of years ago, and how we have impacted the ocean environment."
— Book Riot

“Deep Water . . . spotlight[s] the organisms to be found at increasing depths, from goblin sharks to vampire shrimp to giant tube worms. . . . Filled with arresting diagrams and images, [it] convey[s] the magic of the deep sea in a form that should appeal to even the most confirmed landlubber.”
— Natural History

“A delight. . . . Be prepared for surprises.”
— New York Times, on "My Beloved Brontosaurus"

“An affable guide.”
— New York Times Book Review, on "Skeleton Keys"

“Gorgeously composed. . . . Richly imagined.”
— Wall Street Journal, on "The Last of the Dinosaurs"

“Black blends the intricacies of science with masterful storytelling for a cracking, enchanting read.”
— Newsweek, on "The Last of the Dinosaurs"

“This is top-drawer science writing.”
— Publishers Weekly, starred review, on "The Last of the Dinosaurs"

“Deeply compelling.”
— Science, on "The Last of the Dinosaurs"