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Urban Coyotes (Scientists in the Field)

Urban Coyotes (Scientists in the Field)

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Publication Date: August 13th, 2024
Clarion Books


A new addition to the acclaimed Scientists in the Field series, Urban Coyotes follows the scientists of the Urban Coyote Research Project as they track, study, and care for coyotes living among humans in one of America's largest cities, Chicago.

But that’s the thing about coyotes. They don’t necessarily do what’s typical or usual, nor what’s expected or predicted. Coyotes are rule breakers. 

The fourth largest metropolitan area in North America is home to more than nine million people and a surprisingly large population of coyotes. Join the wildlife scientists of the Urban Coyote Research Project as they carry on their twenty-five-year mission: Studying the coyotes of Cook County, Illinois, home to the city of Chicago. Explore questions such as "Where did the coyotes come from—and why?," "Are they a danger to Chicagoans?," and "Do predators create healthier urban ecosystems?" with real-life scientists in the field. Started by urban ecologist Stan Gehrt in the late 1990s when coyotes were first noticed entering the Chicago region, the Urban Coyote Research Project's mission is to help coyotes and human city dwellers live together in peace.

With stunning up-close photography by Tom Uhlman, author Mary Kay Carson offers an in-depth look into how these mystifying wild creatures, and those dedicated to studying and protecting them, navigate urban spaces.

About the Author

Mary Kay Carson lives with her husband, Tom Uhlman, and their dog, Ruby, in a century-old house surrounded by deer, hawks, woodchucks, songbirds, and other creatures in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out their other Scientists in the Field books, including The Tornado Scientist, Park Scientists, Emi and the Rhino Scientist, The Bat Scientists, Inside Biosphere 2, and Mission to Pluto.

Tom Uhlman has been a freelance photographer for more than twenty-five years. He photographs lots of news and sporting events, but enjoys shooting pictures of wildlife and the natural world most of all. Tom's photographs can be seen in the Scientists in the Field books written by his wife, Mary Kay Carson.

Praise for Urban Coyotes (Scientists in the Field)

* "A well-written, unique, carefully organized treat for nature lovers and investigators." — School Library Journal (starred review)