We Make Books


Our Espresso Book Machine services are on hold – please check back for restart date (TBD)

The MIT Press Bookstore, in partnership with the MIT Libraries, provides printing services to the MIT community.

Watch a book of your choice printed while you wait? We are thrilled to have the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) as a way to expand the world of books available at the MIT Press Bookstore.

Through the EBM’s extensive digital archive, we are now able to make available millions of titles currently not on our shelves, including both new and old books from hundreds of publishers. EBM prints on-demand and in-store for our customers; make your choice and in minutes the EBM will print, bind and trim on-demand high-quality paperback books and other documents, including full-color covers.

Espresso Book Machine

With technology intended to distribute virtually every book ever published, in any language, anywhere on earth, as easily, quickly, and cheaply as e-mail, EBM is the eco-friendly way to go. Visit the bookstore that local and global fans adore, and try our new digital printing capabilities, to print any kind of book including theses, research reports and more.

For more information about the Espresso Book Machine, email us. Interested in printing your own book? Read on here.