MIT Sloan Management Review: Who Wins in a Digital World?

April 4, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
MIT Press Bookstore
301 Massachusetts Ave.
MA 02139
MIT Press Bookstore

Join the MIT Press Bookstore for a panel discussion among the contributors to the MIT Sloan Review’s Who Wins in a Digital World?. Paul Michelman discusses the book with panelists Jeanne W. Ross, Don Sull, and Stephanie Woerner.

Who Wins in a Digital World explains how organizations can adapt to a constantly changing business environment by being flexible but focused, embracing change in all its messiness, and moving fast. In articles that originally appeared in MIT Sloan Management Review, experts from business and academia discuss digital adaptability, explaining how both organizations and individuals need the ability to excel in what their roles will become as technology and their competitive ecosystem evolve.

Paul Michelman is Editor-in-Chief of Sloan Management Review. Prior to joining MIT SMR, Paul was editor-in-chief of Safari Books Online, where he served as principal curator of Safari’s 40,000-volume library of articles, books, videos, and digital courses, as well as its lead editorial voice. Before joining Safari, Paul was executive editor and director of new editorial products at Harvard Business Review and executive editor at strategy+business.

Jeanne W. Ross conducts academic research that targets the challenges of senior level executives at CISR’s nearly 100 global sponsor companies. Her work has appeared in major practitioner and academic journals, including MIT Sloan Management ReviewHarvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal. Jeanne is co-author of the books IT Savvy: What Top Executives Must Know to Go from Pain to Gain (2009), Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution (2006), and IT Governance: How Top Performers Manage IT Decision Rights for Superior Results (2004). 

Don Sull is a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Sull is a global authority on executing strategy in volatile markets, and teaches courses on strategy formation and implementation at MIT Sloan. He has published six books, including Simple Rules (with Kathy Eisenhardt, 2015), The Upside of Turbulence (2009), and Why Good Companies Go Bad. Sull has also written over 100 book chapters, case studies, and articles, including several bestselling Harvard Business Reviewarticles.

Stephanie Woerner is a Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research. She studies how companies manage organizational change caused by the digitization of the economy.  Her research centers on enterprise digitization and the associated governance and strategy implications.

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