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Haley’s Picks – November 2019

Design as Art by Bruno Munari

From the illuminating and perfectly bizarre mind of the Italian designer Bruno Munari, Design as Art has effervesced into the canon of design literature. Linguistically approachable, this book is perfect for designers or simply those who are interested in learning more about the objects, signs, and spaces that make up the fabric of our lives. Munari accessibly and often humorously invites the reader into the world of object materialism and semiotics lite.


Dandelions by Yasunari Kawabata, Michael Emmerich (Translator)

Haunting his readers from beyond the grave in this despondent but stunningly atmospheric work, Kawabata’s, Dandelions, will leave readers as undone as the novel itself. The strangeness of the characters and this brittle dreamlike world will forever alter the way you hear a bell chiming in the distance.

Clarissa’s Picks – July 2019

Fanatical About Frogs

Seeing Science: An Illustrated Guide to the Wonders of the Universe

Dinosaur Facts and Figures